Importance of a Healthy Diet


The importance of a healthy diet go far beyond looking and feeling good. Diet related diseases are the biggest killer in the United States. It`s a global problem with England, Mexico, Germany, Australia, India and China following the U.S in obesity rates. Children now will on average live 10 years younger than their parents. This is a serious issue which can no longer be pushed aside.

Fast food and big brand food companies have over taken the food culture of the world. People have forgotten how to cook. Home used to be the place where families would create nutritious food and pass the traditions down to future generations. This is no longer happening. Stop setting up yourself and your family for failure.

Easy Healthy Eating

Easy healthy eating is possible! It can also be delicious, inexpensive and fun. Really? Yes! People have often been brainwashed into believing that only high fat/high sugar or expensive food can be great tasting - what a terrible belief!

Traditional Japanese culture and food is centered around beautiful, healthy and easy fresh food. Japanese Healthy Eating would like to introduce you to all the wonders of Japanese food and make it easy to add it to your daily life.

Reasons for Healthy Eating

1. 30 - 50% of American children born after 2000 will develop diabetes - most by the time they get to high school.
We don`t have the statistics for other countries, but we`d be fooling ourselves to think that we`re not heading in the same direction. Even here in Japan, diabetes has increased significantly in the last 10 years. Prevention of diabetes is one major importance of a healthy diet.

2. Alzheimer's cases are expected to triple by 2050. More than half of the cases of Alzheimer's disease worldwide could be prevented if people made simple lifestyle changes.
This was discussed at the Alzheimer Association's International Conference in Paris in July 2011. The factors associated with Alzheimer's are:

  • Low education (possibly because there`s less opportunity to develop neural connections)
  • Smoking
  • Too little exercise (the leading problem in the U.S.)
  • Untreated or inadequately treated depression
  • Mid-life high blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Mid-life obesity
Healthy eating has a direct impact on our ability to live a quality life into our old age. Would you like to be holed up in a retirement home not being able to remember who you are - for years? What kind of life is that? Consider green tea health benefits. By making a few small adjustments to your daily food and drink, you can alter your health quite significantly.

3. Natural Treatment for Depression
It is clear that high fat and high sugar diet sends your mind and body spinning. Sugar highs and lows account for a lot of emotional instability. The hit book Sugar Blues by William Dufty goes through the facts.

Japanese Healthy Eating is excited to bring you lots of recipes and information in the near future! Please visit us regularly for updates. In the meantime...check out our healthy eating guide. and watch this brilliant video on reasons for eating healthy by Jamie Oliver:

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