Healthy Eating For Kids


Healthy eating for kids can be a real challenge and is a concern for many parents. Here, we want to offer a Kids Healthy Eating Guide that is practical and effective. Click here for an overview of Children`s nutritional requirments by Lauren Ashton, Certified Nutritionist.

Healthy Eating Habits for Children

1. Eating a healthy breakfast is essential
What is a healthy breakfast? From the Japanese Healthy Eating perspective, cereal is out. Maybe whole grain, fiber rich cereals would be fine...but how many kids like those? The problem with cereals is that they are processed, high in sugar and additives and they have to add vitamins and minerals to them because they offer very little nutritional value on their own. Typical Japanese breakfast includes:

We eat it every day and feel the benefits of it. Because Tinashe has grown up with it, she loves it. Miso soup is packed with nutritional value. It really is considered a super food. Other healthy breakfast ideas include:

  • Rice balls with beef and vegetables inside. (or with last night`s left overs)
  • Japanese Curry with Rice - Major League Baseball`s Ichiro Suzuki`s favorite breakfast.

    For Healthy Breakfast Ideas, click here.

    2. Drop the soda, fruit drinks and sports drinks
    Packed with sugar and additives, these drinks are diabetes in a bottle. Opt for homemade lemonade, diluted fruit juice (30-50% juice - 50-70% water) or try:

    Iced Hibiscus Tea
    3 cups Hibiscus Tea
    1 cup Apple Juice
    A squeeze of lemon Optional
    Mix together and serve. Hibiscus is naturally tangy and contains lots of Vitamin C. The apple juice adds some depth and sweetness. Enjoy!

    3. Dramatically minimize sugar intake
    It was estimated that, in the U.S.A, 30 - 50% children born in the 2000`s would become diabetic in their lifetime - most by high school. Some other countries are not far behind. Even in Japan, we`ve seen an increase in diabetes over the last 10 years. We will be offering some Japanese dessert recipes that are delicious but contain minimal sugar. Try them, they`re great. Your kids may even enjoy making them.

    For Healthy Japanese Dessert Recipes, click here.

    4. Dramatically Increase Vegetable Intake
    70% of your daily menu should be fresh vegetables (and fruit). 70%! This is one of the most important healthy eating habits for children. It`s a challenge but well worth it. Add as many vegetables to every meal and snack as you can. Fruit is in brackets because it`s important not to over eat fruit. They do contain a lot of natural sugar. My traditional chinese medical doctor in Australia told me that 2 fruit servings a day is a good target.

    Try making sushi with kids!

    5. Fish is Better Than Meat
    Protein is important but what kind and how much are also key to healthy eating for kids. There`s no sense in clogging your child`s intestines and colon with big meat servings. Tofu is an excellent source of protein and very digestible. Fish is very good as well. Ensure that when you serve protein, always serve vegetables to help wash it down and through the body. A traditional Thai healer once told us that there is not enough water in the western diet and that causes so many unnecessary intestinal and digestive problems.
    Fish to Avoid:
    Large predatory fish:
    Shark, swordfish, king mackerel and white tuna (albacore tuna) These may contain high levels of mercury and are especially dangerous to pregnant women and children.
    Tilapia A very popular fish in America, Tilapia contains high levels of omega 6 fatty acids and can cause inflamation in the body and cause damage to blood vessels, the heart, lung and joint tissues, skin and the digestive tract.
    Atlantic Salmon"Atlantic Salmon" is the commercial name for farmed salmon - fish that are given antibiotics and other drugs to control diseases often found in farming pens. Choose Wild Salmon.

    Healthy Eating for Kids

    Healthy eating for kids is all about keeping the body and mind balanced and primed for activity and growth. The benefits of eating healthy for children are endless. It is essential for their happiness and future prosperity.

    Healthy Eating Habits For Children

    An excellent lecture and healthy eating lesson by Ann Cooper.
    Ann Cooper, talks about a revolution on the way kids eat. It`s a must see!

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