Healthy Breakfast Ideas


Eating a healthy breakfast is absolutely essential to healthy living.
A healthy breakfast sets you up for the day. Not only your body, but also your brain, needs nutrition and energy to perform. Here we`ve got some eating tips for healthy living as well as healthy breakfast ideas - Japanese style.

But I`m not hungry in the morning. That`s a common comment from non-breakfast eaters. Ok. Here`s what needs to be said: If you eat late at night, if you snack after dinner, if you eat a heavy dinner, you are probably not going to be hungry when you wake up.

But your body will also not have had the proper rest it needs and your body is unbalanced. What does that mean? Well, the body needs at least 10 - 12 hours of rest between dinner and breakfast in order to get its rest and digest all the food consumed during the day. Going to bed with a full stomach really blocks this process and it becomes difficult to have a proper rest. Then people rely on stimulants to get them going in the morning - coffee, sugary breakfast foods or they run on empty until their mid-morning snack (often a high fat muffin or bagel) or lunch.

For children, not eating a healthy breakfast is setting them up for failure. Their attention span gets shorter, they can get mood swings or become irritable, their brains become sluggish and it`s difficult to focus on school work. Kids don`t understand that their body is unbalanced. They just feel bad or angry or bored.

Do yourself and your family a favor and start eating a healthy breakfast.

Eating Tips for Healthy Living

Get Your Body in Balance

1. Give your body 10 - 12 hours of no eating between dinner and breakfast.
Actually, the ideal interval according to traditional chinese medicine is 12 - 15 hours - then you`ll be really hungry!

2. Avoid high fat and high sugar foods for dinner and after dinner.
I know this can be a challenge but your body really does need the rest. High fat and high sugar foods put pressure on your digestive system (not to mention your heart)

3. Eat a good amount of vegetables with dinner.
Vegetables help to keep the intestines "watery" and able to pass the food down.

4. When you wake up, stretch your body and drink a glass of water (or water with a squeeze of lemon)
This helps to wake up your body and get your digestive system ready.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

This are Japanese Healthy Eating ideas. We are not big fans of breakfast cereals or bacon and eggs. Here are some great Japanese breakfast foods that will set you up for the day. We`ll add some delicious and easy Japanese food recipes soon.

Miso Soup and Rice
Angela and Tinashe eat this almost everyday. "I feel so good when I eat miso soup for breakfast. It gives me enough energy to get through until lunch without a snack", Angela says. Miso soup is packed with nutrients, minerals and protein. It really is a super food.

Rice balls
Almost anything can go in a rice ball and they are very easy to make. You can even use last night`s leftovers.

Japanese curry with rice
An excellent and popular breakfast in Japan.

Poached eggs on rice with salad
I know...why not bread? Well, if it`s whole grain bread it`s healthy eating but drop the white stuff. "I find I can sustain my energy more when eating rice rather than bread." Angela says. And again, vegetables really are key for good digestion of carbs and proteins.

Recipes coming!

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The Japanese Healthy Eating Team

The Japanese Healthy Eating Team From left to right: Lisa, Angela, Sachi & little Tinashe.