Green Tea Side Effects

Japanese Healthy Eating definitely includes ample amounts of green tea. And the benefits of drinking green tea are quite incredible. There are, however, a few green tea side effects to be made aware of. There is some controversy over the side effects though. I`ll explain how the Japanese drink green tea and you can make your own decision.

Possible Side Effects of Drinking Green Tea:

  • Nausea and Stomachache if you drink green tea on an empty stomach.
    I find this to be true, especially first thing in the morning. Green tea is much too harsh for the stomach lining.
  • Side effects of caffeine.
    If you are sensitive to caffeine, choose decaf green tea. Green tea does contain about 30 - 50% of the caffeine levels of coffee.
  • Possible chemical reactions with medications.
    It is generally advised, to be on the safe side, to drink green tea away from the times you take medications to avoid possible chemical reactions/side effects.
  • Can inhibit non-heme iron absorption
    It is said that green tea can inhibit the body`s absorption of iron from grains, legumes and leafy greens (there`s no problem with heme iron from meat/dairy). Therefore it is advised that if you are anemic, drink green tea away from meals. - This is advised in the West, even though in Japan, people generally drink green tea with meals.

If you find your green tea is too strong on your stomach, drink it at half strength and/or add some honey (which is unheard of in Japan but my Aussie friend introduced me to the idea and I quite like it at times).

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