Black Tea vs Green Tea

At Japanese Healthy Eating, we are championing the consumption of green tea. But how do you compare the the health benefits of black tea vs green tea?

All types of tea - green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea comes from the same tea plant. The leaves are simply processed differently which gives them their unique flavor and properties.

Green TeaBlack Tea
30% Caffeine levels of coffee50% Caffeine levels of coffee
Tea leaves are steamed when processedTea leaves are fermented when processed
Detoxify the bodyDetoxify the body
Excellent source of antioxidantsGood source of antioxidants
Higher in antioxidants than fruits & vegetablesHigher in antioxidants than fruits & vegetables
Cancer fightingCancer fighting

Both green tea and black tea are full of healthy flavonoids - a type of powerful antioxidant with cancer fighting & other health benefits. Green tea does seem, however, to have more catechins, especially epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). Black tea loses a significant amount of its catechins when it is processed. EGCG is known for its powerful anti-cancer properties.

Research continues on both black tea and green tea. Green tea research is more advanced and the health benefits of black tea are just starting to become known.

Green Tea vs Coffee

Here are some points to consider when comparing green tea vs coffee:

  • green tea caffeine levels are significantly less than coffee.
  • Both green tea and coffee contain antioxidants. - though not the same kinds or levels.(green tea has more plus EGCG)
  • Coffee is more acidic - not so good for helping keep the body in balance. High coffee intake can also lead to indigestion and acid reflux while high green tea intake will not.

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